The New Craft Room/Home Office & Christmas Crafts

As mentioned in my previous post, I spent a lot of my Christmas break setting up my new craft room/home office. I posted a while back about the facelift in the ugly green spare room I used as my computer room/vanity room, and I loved the periwinkle colour and the huge window and all the closet space. But I’ve taken up sewing and in order to make my projects I would have to lug my sewing machine out to the kitchen table, set everything up, basically running back and forth from the other spare room where I was keeping all my sewing paraphernalia and making a mess of the dining table basically. If I was in the middle of a project, we would have to picnic on the couch. And I would be cleaning up little strands of thread and glitter and pieces of fabric for days after I packed everything up and put it away. I also complained about needing a craft table, mentioning that it would be my new budget jar down the road. I was planning on saving bit by bit to get myself a really cool table where I could sew, or do clay, or paint do or whatever little artsy endeavour I wanted. Hubby got me a crafting table for Christmas 😀 !!!

The table is pretty fair sized, and wouldn’t have fit in my computer room so he suggested transforming the other, ugly yellow spare room into the new craft room/computer room/woman cave ha ha. And I decided that was a marvellous plan in order to do justice to my beautiful new table. Here are the before, during and after pictures:


So I had to remove the pointless trim from the centre of the walls, then do drywall repair because it wrecked it, filled a bunch of holes, and slapped on the gorgeous blue paint I picked. I originally wanted to use that pretty lilac colour for the trim. It. Was. AWFUL. Actually so hideous. So I then had to turn around and redo all the trim with Glacier White. Which looks so much cleaner, and more crisp.

Then we built my new table together. One of the things I love about my relationship is that we actually work so well together in all areas. We can build furniture and don’t get snippy with each other, we actually enjoy doing things together, and when it gets frustrating building stuffs we also make pretty good drinks together ha ha. I’m very fortunate and I’m grateful for our bond every day. I digress. Here is the gorgeous craft table:

I had a really hard time deciding what was going to go where. I had to move my furniture several times until I found a layout that didn’t feel claustrophobic or cluttered. I am also one of those people who feels the need to rearrange furniture when I need change so I’m sure it will all be moved again down the road. Here’s the current layout:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve posted most of the pictures with my SAD lamp on and overhead light off because it is dreary and rainy here, and the lamp actually showcases the stunning blue tone. When I take pictures of it with the overhead light on, it loses the vividness. You’ll be able to see which pictures have which lighting in the slideshow.

Overall, I LOVE my new space. It makes me so happy, I feel the colour is very inspiring and also calming. The craft table has SO MUCH STORAGE! I have a nook that fits all my clay and Fimo products and tools, the main desk drawer has my binder of sewing doodles (I have yet to actually follow a pattern, I wing it and sometimes it works and sometimes it does not lol. It’s kind of how I cook and bake too, don’t judge me…) and coloured pencils. It’s got a pull out drawer with a pullout tray on top of that. And more shelving which is currently housing my tissues and broken external hard drive. I’ll link the craft table in case any of you beautiful, artsy folk wanna take a look. It was really well priced, is very sturdy and easy to put together. It took us about 2 hours start to finish, and we took some breaks (whiskey and coke was our flavour of that day).

South Shore Crea Craft Table

It comes in 3 different finishes, and I’m actually pretty sure my computer table was South Shore as well. So the two tables match in here, and they’re both solid and functional and really good looking in my opinion. Take a little looksie anyway, they’ve got the different building options shown on their site. I chose Option B, and love love love love love it. Sigh. Happy place for the win! I also converted my cube shelves from makeup & hair products to fabric and sewing storage. I don’t wear makeup very often these days, so I did move my “vanity” into this room, but it doesn’t get much air time. We’re moving our master bedroom down to the basement eventually so I’ll set up a proper vanity area down there.

ALSO Mama got me a body mannequin for Christmas!!! It was pretty quick shipping, got it on Amazon from HOMCOM. It’s super light, and I’m excited to start sewing clothes and using the mannequin for it. I think I want to make some aprons as well. I know they’re a thing of the past, but I get coated in baking ingredients cause I’m a mess and I would like to stop having to constantly have to hand wash cinnamon roll dough or cookie batter out of my lulu’s. Fun facts; I am OCD and need order and cleanliness and organization to be sane, yet I am incapable of baking without getting covered in food, or cooking without being splattered, and I also have NEVER been able to put mascara on and NOT get it on my eyelids. Literally not once in my lifetime. Thank god for vacuums, mops, Tide pods and q-tips.

I’m gonna end this post with some pictures of the crafts I did for Christmas. All of which were done at our dining table because I hadn’t yet received the marvellous Crea Table. And I’ve been commissioned to make a voodoo doll fashioned after the requester which I am STOKED for! It’s not a real voodoo doll before anyone gets weirded out, or gets any ideas. It’s a running joke between me and one of my fav human beings, and it will be hilarious to do and I pray none of the pins that end up sticking “Sybil” will actually hurt the owner.

Those were the stockings I made. A friend of mine had tagged me in a wicked post on Facebook showing “Mermaid Tail Stockings”. I loved the idea and decided to try to make my own. I told hubby that I was making our stockings and asked what he wanted. He decided on shark since I wanted mermaid. (Funnily enough, his Mama pointed out that that’s exactly what we carved for our pumpkins in 2016 so I think we have a theme.) The first one I did just didn’t have my personality – the one with the faux fur – so I made another one that captures how I doodle mermaid tails. I then decided to make my Mama and brother their own stockings for their Christmas package. I made my bro the lobster, which I wish I’d taken more pictures of. The claw on the left is actually the loop you hang it on. And I made Mama a fish. I’m happy with how they turned out.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That first picture in the slideshow above shows how utterly and completely I took over our dining area for my sewing and clay crafts. Oops. I also included pictures of the knitting project bags I made Ma for Christmas. It was a frugal, homemade kinda Christmas, but to be honest this is the most fun I can remember having during the Christmas nuttiness. I’m a beginner sewer so please don’t be surprised that the crafts I’ve made aren’t perfect. I’m trying lol.


This is the doll I made hubby’s niece. I remember how much I used to love “Angelina Ballerina” when I was a little girl, and his niece reads as much as I did at her age. So we bought her an Angelina book and I made her a doll to go with it. That picture underneath is literally what I used for my “pattern”. I doodled what I wanted it to look like, and I just started cutting fabric. I made a couple mistakes and had to remove Angelina’s head and fix the arm placement. I see why people use patterns now, but I winged it and it ended up okay so whatevs. I used fabric paint for her eyes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Last are my clay projects. I made my SIL a replacement Christmas moose figurine; her cat had knocked hers off their mantle and broken it. I had no clue what it actually looked like, and tried to piece it together using clues from her fiancé and son. It ended up looking NOTHING like the original, but I added in the culprit cat so I was hoping that it would be the thought that counted. If she hates it, I take no offence and she doesn’t have to keep it 😉 I made her and her fiancé a Jack Skellington ornament because they share my love of “A Nightmare Before Christmas”. I made myself a little chameleon cause I liked one I saw on Pinterest, and asked Geoff what he’d want if I made him an ornament. He asked for a matte black and blue dragon. It was actually super fun to make, even though the spikes took forever. Also made some simple snowmen to get me back into the groove of clay work. All in all, I had a blast being creative and that has been something I’ve been striving to do more of for several years now.

I’m starving so I’m finally signing off. Have a fantastic Thursday my little cupcakes!

❤ ❤ ❤

4 thoughts on “The New Craft Room/Home Office & Christmas Crafts

    1. Hi Lori, thanks so much for reading the post and leaving a comment 😊

      I think I may try the lilac in a bathroom?! It’s such a gorgeous colour but the vision did not match reality in the craft room lol. Having a craft room makes the world of a difference eh? Happy crafting and creating to you too ❤️


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