I Went AWOL, But I’m En Route Back

AWOL /ā, wôl/ adjective;

“absent from one’s post but without intent to desert.”

I have been hella absent on all my social media for months now, and have completely slacked on blogging more than anything else. I’ve been either working 12 hour days for 7/7 rotation, or back east taking care of my mama, or working 12+ hours a day working on my business. I didn’t mean to shut myself off, but I hit a kind of internal breaking point and just needed to go introverted to the max to focus on getting my shit together. It started with deleting FaceBook (disabling, since you can’t actually delete your account). I am still trying to map out a good way to manage my time and all the areas of my life, but I think I finally have an action plan that can work. Bear with me folks.

I have taken a step back and reevaluated a lot of things in my life. My social circle is so much smaller than it used to be, which I’m totally okay with, so my energies go into maintaining (also slacking there sometimes) the few solid friendships I do have, family relationships and working hard on my personal relationship with my fiancé. Oh yeah, I got engaged a couple months ago. Shit is getting real haha. Also working damned hard on my relationship with ME. That is the most time consuming and difficult one to foster and nurture, let me tell you.

I have been super uninspired when it comes to writing. It is a form of therapy for me, but I’ve been so busy and so overwhelmed with other parts of my life that I’ve let the mental stuff slip a bit. I haven’t utilized my writing to help me sort out my head and there has been SO much going on that it’s kind of slipped into panic mode and now here we are.

This is fine, know your name
K.C. Green’s Gunshow comic #648, actually titled “The Pills Are Working” or “On Fire”, originally posted January 9th, 2013.

I’m going to start vlogging as well, and since I’ll need to write out briefly what I want to touch on, I’m gonna turn those notes into accompanying blog posts. I’ve talked about wanting to start a vlog a while ago, it’s attractive to me because I can vocalize whatever it is I’m in the mood to chat on, and probably be able to summarize or get it out in ten mins or less. also, I spend SO MUCH TIME ALONE and talk to myself all the damned time that I think it will be good for me to even speak to a camera lol.

I usually write quite long posts, and I think I’ve mentally transformed my view of blogging into having to write massive posts to get everything out. I want to start writing more about things that I like, products I try, and the process of starting a small business with ZERO business education or experience to start. So instead of this being a sporadic account where I write once every few months on the biggest issues weighing me down, I’m going to get little posts scheduled on different topics. It will still be an eclectic mix of things since I am who I am, but I think I can provide more useful content for people.

This will pertain to reviews. I google the fuck out of everything I think of purchasing, from skin care to electronics and rely quite heavily on people’s reviews of things to help my decisions. I was thinking a while back about how I never leave reviews on things which is super hypocritical. I have lots of concerns I’m sure someone else out there can relate to, so maybe I can help someone find products that work for them instead of hoarding all my discoveries like Golem.

It will also pertain to my personal tips and trick from work, moving, fucking up my attempts at adulting like a champ, and basically just the trials and tribulations of being a normal human being in their 20’s (almost 30’s good god…).

I’m gonna sign off there, I’ve been up since 3:15 and need a refill on my coffee. Happy Saturday folks, and stay tuned for SCHEDULED, ORGANIZED, COHESIVE blog posts coming out! How exciting is that lol?!

Thanks for checking in,

♥ Caoimhin

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