And So The Adventure Begins…

Dramatic beginning to my first post, but it’s the cover of the notebook I’ve been using to jot down my blog ideas and I’m at a loss for where I should start so it seems fitting.

I’ve toyed with the idea of having a blog for a couple years, realistically back when I started reading my ma’s blog. Her posts are always funny, informative and insightful. But I’m lazy, this whole setup was super time consuming considering the fact that I’m useless with technology and subsequently anything computer related, but I’m excited to finally have followed through on it. Time will tell whether or not I can follow in Mama’s footsteps and be consistent.

This is going to be an eclectic blog. I don’t have a particular niche, but I do have a ton of areas that interest me so this will be a compilation of sorts.

A little background on me, and where my musings will come from:

  • Born in Victoria, BC, spent the first several years of life in Calgary, AB, and have now been living in Halifax, NS for 21 years. It’s safe to say I’m a maritimer.
  • I’m a certified diesel mechanic, as well as an industrial mechanic/millwright. You’ll probably see more than a few posts pertaining to my career-or lack thereof as it seems to be more often than not. Being a woman in trades can spark a lot of conversation, and a post or two I imagine.
  • I’m a self proclaimed low-maintenance princess. That is, I love to shop, I love shoes and dresses and makeup, I am vigilant about my hair appointments (and my hair is forever changing, which will also be posted about I’m sure), and I know what I want and make sure I get it. Self sufficient, but I’m more than a handful I know 😉
  • I’m saucy and will probably have more than a few rants depending on what has irritated me that week. No apologies for it, just a warning.
  • I’ve been a gym goer for 10+ years on and off. Started off going to Dalpex to my ma’s classes (she’s been teaching for 15 years now I think?) and went to NuBody’s before their GoodLife takeover. I’ve been a GoodLife member for a few years now. When I worked in the oilfield (which I’m keeping fingers and toes crossed I’ll be returning to sooner than later) I woke up bright and early most days to hit the camp gym. It’s my form of prozac. I’m noticeably grouchy on days/weeks when I don’t go so I aim to make it there at least 4-5 days a week.
  • I. Love. Food. Literally love food.  I’m not particularly fussy so I eat just about everything. There will definitely be posts on my love of almost all things edible, recipes I’ve tried, dinner dates at new (and old) places, and just food stuffs in general. If you don’t love food, chances are we won’t be friends…
  • Occasionally I get crafty. I love painting, clay and have tried knitting which I may attempt again. My whole family is artistic so we all do different things. My brother is on his last year of university for his Bachelor of Fine Arts, my Mama has a masters in fine arts (I think? She’s got a ton of degrees, too smart for this cat) as well as a law degree and english degree (I think, lol maybe my listening skills aren’t as good as I thought). He paints and prints and draws, she knits and draws rarely, and I get odd cravings to paint or play with polymer clay every once in a while. I love crafts, I just don’t make enough time for it. It’s one of my resolutions actually.
  • This is getting long so I’ll add in the last of the factoids about me; lots of tattoos with no plans of stopping, I’ve had my motorcycle license for 5 years now, I love driving my bike and car more than just about anything in the world, I suck at being an adult, I need naps on the regular cause I’m addicted to sleep and also lazy, andddd I love reading. And travelling. I basically need to win the lottery or become a travel blogger haha.

So basically you’ll never really know what you’re getting coming on here cause there are so many things I love and hate and could talk forever about. Also fair warning, I have a potty mouth. I’ll try to keep it to a minimum but it’s gonna come out from time to time.

Cheers to cupcakes & crankshafts, two beautiful creations in my mind xo